Online Mammography Self Assessment System

Michael Yong Park[](1), Byung Gil Choi(1), Sung Hun Kim(1), Jae Hee Lee , Jae Jeong Choi(1)
(1)Kang Nam St. Mary’s Hospital, Department of Radiology, College of Medicine, the Catholic University of the Korea

Mammography self study mode
(For resident training)
Study mode showing answers for each question as you test yourself.

Mammography assessment mode
(For breast radiologists)
Self assessment mode showing positive predictive value, negative predictive value, sensitivity, and specificity after finishing the quiz.

Tutorial: Classification of Breast Calcifications according to BI-RADS 4th edition

About the quiz system: A Virtual PACS-like Quiz System for Educational Web-based Self-assessment

When viewing cases with MammoViewer:
Use the buttons to view images, zoom, and change brightness/contrast.
Click and drag to reposition images.
Click on reset to go back to default image position, zoom, brightness, and contrast.

Left/right arrow keys, page up/page down keys, or mouse wheel to see previous or next images.
Up/down arrow key or +/- keys to zoom in and out.

Demo screen:

College of Medicine, the Catholic University of the Korea